Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Sucks.

I never want to find myself in knee deep snow again. I had a choice, walk the road to the bus way, or take the steps on the right to the bus way... I took the ever dangerous (for me, the definitive klutz) steps.

I was too scared to walk down the street after seeing cars fish-tailing and watching a dumb bitch yapping on her phone while her car slid down the hill I was walking down. I contemplated diving in to a nearby yard to keep her from running me over since that part of the sidewalk has a sloped curb instead of the correct squared one. There would be nothing to slow her and her cell phone down should she decide to plow me over. She was approaching the stop sign at the bottom of the hill where I would have to go left or right. But she was slamming on her brakes and sliding down the damn road. Did I mention she was yapping on her cell phone? So, yeah. I chose the steps. And at the bottom I fell in knee deep snow. Of course, this post wouldn't exist if my normal bus hadn't come early.


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