Monday, January 19, 2009


Why does everyone have to F*&$ing try and rip off the Orginal, one and only, Terrible Towel???

NFL's plans to introduce Trophy Towel draw cries that it's a ripoff

Hello? It *is* a rip-off!

The Terrible Towel is a symbol, and, like all symbols, it is profoundly
personal for many Steelers fans. Described as the perfect blend of color and
motion, it is tough, ubiquitous, resilient to abuse, utilitarian, portable and
the most recognized fan accessory in the world of sports. This being Pittsburgh,
a towel-come-lately is sure to evoke strong passions.

Thats Church right there!! I am sick and tired of copy cats.
Bill Hillgrove said in this story:

"Like all the other towels that have surfaced out there, it's a cheap
imitation," he added. "I think it's a dumb idea. It's a ripoff. A

Amen.... I agree. Totally

The Terrible Towel's legacy
In triumph and in tears, the towel has waved its way into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, along with its creator. It has been twirled by active and retired players, punctuating parades and serving as proof of citizenship for tribal members in other cities. It gave Mr. Cope a sendoff at his funeral, and it has been buried with mayors.

But its greatest contribution has been to improve the quality of life for children and adults with intellectual development disabilities through the Allegheny Valley School, where Mr. Cope's son has been a resident since 1982.

Mr. Cope turned over the trademark to the school in 1996. Since then, the cash cow towel and its satellite products have generated $2.2 million for the school, including $1 million the year the Steelers won Super Bowl XL.Given that kind of validity and support, nothing can displace its legacy, said Regis Champ, president and chief executive officer of Allegheny Valley School. "The Terrible Towel has been around for decades," he said. "Nothing can replace an original. The Terrible Towel rules."

And for all you imitators, Here are lessons to learn: Don't F*&$ with the Towel.

It seems that, all of a sudden, the NFL is awash in towels. Blue ones that said "This Is Our House" were handed out before last weekend's game at LP Field in Nashville, Tenn., where the home team Titans were defeated by the Ravens.

Just a few weeks earlier, the Titans did a Tennessee two-step on a
Terrible Towel. Subsequently, they were shut out and then eliminated, and home
field advantage was in the hands of the Steelers. 'There's only one'

Hey Tennessee!! Who's going to the Superbowl now??? That's right. We are, bitch.

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