Monday, February 16, 2009

14 and counting... WTF

Just when I think that moron can't piss me off more... and I am referring to Miss 14 children, no man, no job an no house... I see another f*&%ing story about her!
This is in the USA Today

Octuplets' grandmother conciliatory in interview

Yes, she is sorry. I get it, babies are adorable. Here is what pisses me off:

Nadya Suleman's six older children have been living in Angela Suleman's three-bedroom home.

Angela Suleman said she won't have enough space for the octuplets, who were born last month, when they are released from the hospital, and that she will have to help her daughter move into another home.

She said she already spends her entire retirement income caring for the six grandchildren who live with her.

"My retirement check goes every month," she said. "It's just gone."

I am glad someone is caring for these kids. But for goodness sake. Why does grandma sacrificing her damn retirement money? Oh that's right cause mom can't GET A JOB because she is busy MAKING MORE BABIES. I think my head is going to explode. I can't stand it. 14 kids, no income and you HAD to have more. 6 wasn't enough?

"Sorry (kids 1-6) you were not enough to make mommy happy so, I needed some more. And grandma wasn't completely broke yet.... I am sorry you have wear name tags too... It's hard to remember the names of 14 children..."


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  1. Wait, you have to go hunt down the latest. Now Octomom is saying that she will not date until the kids are all out of the house because it would be selfish of her to devote even one minute to someone other than her kids.


    Uh huh.