Thursday, February 26, 2009


After plowing thru 5 Stephenie Meyers novels (4 of them were the Twlight series) in the last 2 months... I need a break. I have been neglecting the blog because the last 2 books I read were borrowed and I was under a deadline to read them. So, on to random shit.

Julia has, by some minor miracle started sleeping thru the night again. For a while she was waking at 2-3am and coming down into our room. Sometimes crying, sometimes not. There is no room for a 3rd person in my bed. So, I was making her sleep on the sofa when she came down. I don't know if she decided that her bed was more comfortable or if the routine finally eased her fear that we had not run away... It doesn't matter. I just know that its nice not to tiptoe around the house when I am trying to get ready for work. And I am not so sleep deprived as I was.

I am pleased that the weather has warmed up. Even if it is for a few days. I really am sick to death of 14 degrees.

I am on Twitter now. See the feed on the left over there? Unlike some of the people I follow, I usually only update twitter once or twice a day. I just don't have time for more than that right now. So, don't be disappointed. K?

I have accepted that the Pens are not going to make the playoffs or will be eliminated in the first round. Our defense is just horridand our offense is not much better despite the wins. The players we lost could not be matched by the players we signed. It happens.

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