Thursday, February 5, 2009

A WTF Kind of Day......

I woke up this morning and realized it was gonna be one of those days where I use the F-word frequently.

It was 2 degrees outside. WTF indeed. My legs were close to numb by the time I got to work and there were annoying little icicles on my eye lashes. I HATE 2 degrees. I hate anything under 35 degrees personally. Its 10 at the time I write this. 10!!! Damn it.

My contact hurts my eye today. Yes, I sleep in them all the time. Yes, I do almost everything they tell you NOT to do with contacts. I am probably legally blind with out them and I HATE HATE glasses for many reasons that I won't go into here. So I am sitting here, with 1 contact in and 1 in the spare lens case, soaking, with the hopes I will be able to put it in later without feeling the needles of death in my eyeball. So, don't laugh if you walk by my desk and I have 1 eye covered with my hand.

And the WTF continues in the news:

Woman jailed over $30,000 parking fine

An Austrian woman has begun a 500-day jail sentence for ignoring parking tickets and failing to pay a cumulative fine of around 24,000 euros ($30,860), police said Tuesday
They said the 38-year-old civil servant from the southern city of Graz was jailed after ignoring 700 attempts by local authorities to notify her of the fines over a 2-year period.
Um. Why stop at 700? reminders? Let's go for 1000, maybe then she will pay up. Again- After 50 reminders they should have realized that it was a waste of time and money. Bad on them for repeating the same action 700 times and expecting her to pay up (that is the definition of insanity) and bad on her for not paying her parking tickets.

771st Time Not Charm For Driver's Exam

A woman in South Korea who has taken the written exam required for a driver's license nearly every day since 2005 has failed again -- but is hoping attempt No. 772 will be the charm.
WTF? 700 times? Really?! At some point shouldn't she have the damn test memorized by now?? If after 10 times, you can't get it right- the answer is you don't get your license back. NO. Step away from the car and find a bus to ride.
You are NOT smart enough to drive.
This woman is the kind that give women drivers a bad reputation. She is never gonna get it right if it hasn't happened yet. moron.
I can't believe that they are still letting her take the test over and over.

Then I visited my Favorite. News. Site. Ever. MSNBC.
This is the WTF of The Day and it is only lunch time!

Ex-husband told to pay slain woman's rent

Broadcrest Foothill Apartment Homes claims Alicia Ortiz broke her lease and gave "insufficient notice to vacate."

Ortiz and her 17-year-old son were killed by her sister's disgruntled ex-husband.

Are you F*&%ing Serious? "Sorry. Next Time I plan to be murdered, I'll make sure to notify my leasing office 90 days in advance." That is some bullshit right there, and the leasing office should be ashamed of itself. The best part of this is that they are going after the EX. That's like a calling an old boyfriend. He was not her CURRENT Husband.

The ex-husband of one of the nine people killed at a Christmas Eve party has been asked by a landlord to pay the dead woman's rent. The landlord of her Upland apartment informed her former husband, Carlos Ortiz, that he owes $2,821 in rent and penalties.
Look. I am *sure* that if Alicia Ortiz knew how inconvenient it would be for her landlord, She would have skipped the party where she was gonna get killed. Come on! Some one needs to put the smackdown on Broadcrest Foothill Apartment Homes. Its not like she moved out. She DIED.

What assholes.

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