Monday, February 23, 2009

I Hate Snow. I Hate Winter.

That's right. I live in Pittsburgh and I hate snow. It doesn't start out that way. But it never fails, by February I hate the white shit. This year winter has been really cold an snow and ice have caused me to fall several times. I know, I know your thinking- Angie's middle name is klutz. However, if I fall of my own klutzy-ness... that is my fault. Slipping and falling hard on ice and having to spend the while day wondering if my legs are gonna give out- NOT FUN.

I hate people who are too fucking lazy to shovel their sidewalk, forcing me to risk my life walking to the f&%$ing bus stop by walking in the street or on their uncleared sidewalk. I shoveled MY walk 9 months pregnant. I shoveled my walk before I was even cleared to drive AFTER I had Julia. Rude lazy mother f&%$ers -- get out there and shovel. Bitches.

I am sick and tired of needing scarf, gloves, ear warmer, hood, 2 pair of shoes and a bulky ass coat just to leave the house. SICK of it. You will NEVER EVER hear me say I wish it was winter in the middle of summer. Never. I dont care if it's 90. I refuse to wish for cold.

I hate the static charge I have by the time I get to work. My clothes stick to me and I keep getting shocked. I have to keep a can of static guard in my damn drawer at work.

There is snow outside now and I am so pissed. I should get up early to shovel the walk before I leave for work so that I don't fall. Of course, this is moot because nobody will have shoveled theirs.
Here's hoping I make it to work with out killing myself.

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