Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anti Social Steeler Fan

Yes... no posts recently. I have been antisocial. Got a new(used) D800 laptop from my dad this weekend and discovered that my wireless router is bad... Plus I wanted to play with my lap top. Then I had to recover all my gray from when:



ok. I feel better. There will be further posts today.

I have to complain that all I heard on ESPN and NFL network is Arizona that and Kurt Warner this. Who won?! We did. Why aren't they talking about the Steelers and James Harrison making history. Or all the stuff we overcame this season? Or how many times Gandy held Harrison, or had him by the face mask and it WASN'T CALLED. That's why they let Holmes celebration go. Because it would have been a BEAT DOWN if Gandy hadn't held ALL GAME. Kurt Warner would have spent the superbowl on his back.

And I am sick of hearing people complain. If you don't like the Steelers then MOVE OUT OF PITTSBURGH.
Yes, its all over the news.
Yes, there is a Parade.
Get over it.
This city has loved its Steelers for years so why are you morons acting like this coverage is all new. It was the same thing in 2005.

You get no sympathy from me. Shut up and get out of my cube.

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