Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things That Piss me off

Yes. I survived. A Miracle, I know. And to prove I am back... I am gonna bitch. And then make fun of some people. Good stuff. :-)

First up. UPMC. Greedy little Bastards that they are. They will pay a fortune to have offices at the top of USX and defile my building with their giant off center letters. But in the PG article today, they can't be bothered to take Military Insurance since its not profitable enough.

Woman fighting UPMC rejection of military health plan

She said she's been told UPMC doesn't accept Tricare, the military health plan, because of low reimbursement rates.

"...UPMC is the region's largest health-care provider, so its refusal to accept Tricare puts undue burden on military families."

Here is WHY this pisses me off soooooo much: I remember when UPMC started. They were all "We are about the patients and doctors. We aren't like Aetna and Highmark, we care about people and good health care. We aren't uncaring bureaucrats with red tape. " And its TOTAL Bullshit now. They are worse than the health insurance companies. Their insurance is crap. They treat their employees like shit. They ARE uncaring bureaucrats who only look at the bottom line. But they are everywhere cause deep pockets bought a lot of hospitals.

UPMC is more like the neighborhood SKANK. Nobody *likes* her. The only reason all the boys on the block slept with her was because nobody wanted to be the last virgin in highschool.

"I guess they don't think our soldiers and military families deserve the best in health care," she said."
And UPMC will yell all day long how they are the best.

Molly Tuttle, spokeswoman for Health Net Federal Services, which administers the Department of Defense's Tricare insurance program in the North region, also said it was "excellent news."(Frank Raczkiewicz, UPMC spokesman, said the health system now is considering joining the network.)

Ms. Tuttle said Health Net officials unsuccessfully contacted UPMC twice a year for the past five years to persuade it to join the network. While soldiers and their families can get treatment at any UPMC facility, there they would be assessed higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Someone should have told Ms. Tuttle to call the papers a long time ago.

And I haven't forgotten about Miss 14 children, no man, no job and no house.
And here is a smpling of why I am angry about people who procreate beyond their means and abilities to support their damn kids!

Taxpayers may be covering octuplet mom’s bills

... The hospital where the octuplets are expected to spend seven to 12 weeks has requested reimbursement from Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program, for care of the premature babies, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The cost was estimated in another article to be close to $2 million. Also in this article:

Also, a Nadya Suleman Family Web Site has been set up to collect donations for the children. It features pictures of the mother and each octuplet and has instructions for making donations by check or credit card.
WHAT!!??? Are you serious? Why should I donate my hard earned money to pay for your 14 kids that you had on purpose through In-vitro?

In the NBC interview, Suleman said she will go back to California State University, Fullerton in the fall to complete her master’s degree in counseling, and will use student loans to support her children. She said she will rely on the school’s daycare center and volunteers.
Student loans are for SCHOOL. More taxpayer money going to her 14 kids. Does that mean that 14 kids from other students will be denied access to the daycare center because she filled it with her kids? How is she going to pay for school if she spends the money paying for the kids she cant afford? And how can she really emotionally bond and support all 14 kids by herself while going to school? And she wonders why people are having a problem with this.


  1. The PG story was wrong and they've published a correction ....

    Correction/Clarification: (Published 2/12/2009) All University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals accept military personnel, their families and retirees who have the military health insurance plan, Tricare. But patients who use UPMC hospitals not in the Tricare network potentially face higher out-of-pocket expenses for medical care. Three of UPMC's 15 hospitals -- Mercy, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and Horizon in Mercer County -- are in the Tricare network. This story was unclear about what UPMC's policy is.

  2. Since I am in full bitch mode, I will tell Anonymous, that correction doesnt mean shit to me. They still only have 3 hosptials that take Tricare and the woman in the article still has to change her doctors because the hospitals they are affilated with are not 1 of those 3 UPMC Hospitals.