Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Bitch and her 14 kids

Oh you just knew this would bring mt out of my silence right? Knew it, didn't you? My favorite Place: MSNBC had this article from yesterday. But I only saw it today.

Suleman and mom bicker over babies’ care

Her own father questions her sanity. Her mother thinks she has no grasp of reality. Her home is besieged day and night by an army of paparazzi. The home in which she lives is in the process of foreclosure. And Nadya Suleman, California’s notorious “Octomom,” navigates calmly through life, apparently uncomprehending of the chaos around her and the enormous difficulty of raising 14 kids.

What is important here is this:

Help has been offered. Linda West Conforti, a registered nurse who founded Angels in Waiting, a group offering to help care for the Suleman children, appeared on TODAY to repeat an offer of a house for Suleman and her 14 children and around-the-clock professional care worth $130,000 a month. Conforti and her attorney, Gloria Allred, told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira that Suleman has not responded to the offer.
She is the dumbest woman on the planet to not accept this offer. Not with a 3 bedroom house in foreclosure, 14 kids, no money, no man, and no job. I already think she is out of her f*&%ing mind for having all those kids.

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