Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love This Church: Special Edition

So, I finally put these up... I have 3 today. That is why it is a Special Edition. :-)
And pretend you didn't notice the time I posted this.

I have a better suggestion. Put in a Doorbell. Maybe Opportunity is lazy, or you left the screen door locked. What about those of us who are not skilled enough to build a door? Can I go to Lowe's and buy one? :-)

Food? What kind of food? Cause if I am coming there on my lunch break, you better have some food cause I'll be hungry! Can we talk about cake? I love cake. Particularly... Spice cake with cream cheese icing. :-)

And I saved the Best for last: Submitted by Jamie-Lynn.

"It says "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them" - Eeyore! An Eeyore quote!!! Loved it. So I figured I'd pass it along!(:~~Jamie-Lynn~~:)"

Jamie-Lynn... I agree. Its hilarious that they quoted a Winnie the Pooh character! I love it!

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