Thursday, February 19, 2009

House? Who Needs a House? I got 14 kids

The new stuff turning up in this story never ceases to amaze me. I was NOT surprised to read this story at my favorite place for all things crazy... MSNBC:

Home of octuplets' grandmother in default

Because in my last post about them, it was revealed that grandma is going broke taking care of her litter of grandkids... That was BEFORE her daughter had 8 more.

The default notice shows Angela Suleman is $23,225 behind in her mortgage payments and that the house could be sold at auction beginning May 5.
That didn't JUST happen. She has probably skipped payments for months because she is footing the bill for her daughter's mental disorder. Fox news states in their story that the phone is disconnected too. Probably for good reason. People are appalled. Soon they could be homeless on top of so broke its not funny and yet "mommy of the year" had to have more while grandma spent every penny she had.

Burgh Baby mentioned to me that Miss 14 kids, no man, no job and no house, is also vowing not to date until ALL the kids were grown up because she doesn't want to devote 1 minute to anything but her kids. Which is hilarious, cause she wants to go back to school. And then work. None of which I think will happen since she spent her student loan money on the kids she couldn't afford to have in the first place! I tried to find an article I could link too... but no luck. You will just have to believe Burgh Baby and I when we say it's true.

And I can't forget to mention this:

Octuplet mom got more than $165K in disability

The single mother gave birth to most of her six other children during the time she was on disability.

While she was getting the $165,000 for a back injury that she said was enough to keep her from working-- She was off having 6 kids in 6 years. Kids are WORK. She could produce a litter of chidren and be pregnant most of her time off but couldn't get a f&%$ing job?

I swear, my brain wants to explode when I try to wrap my mind around this insanity. That's what this is. INSANITY.

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