Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Joke on me.

April Fools started last night. About midnight when I needed to sit down at the pc to do my bills.

For those of you who don't know- I am barely over 5 foot tall. (which I am not happy about learning. I had deluded myself into thinking I was at least 5ft 2 until they measured me at the OB after I had Julia. Bitches.)

I have a big corner desk in my bedroom. I need the chair at the computer desk to be all the way up or its uncomfortable. Ok. I am at eye f*&%ing level with the keyboard when the chair is in its lowest position. Typing while trying not to knuckle myself in the face? Yeah, that makes for a very unhappy Angie.
So I sit down. And the chair... it drops with annoyingly jerk of a motion (and sound) 2 inches. It doesn't matter what I do when I raise it. And believe me, there has been some laughing done at my expense as my antics with this f*&%ing chair are observed. (it's not all the time)It sinks, and sinks and sinks, consistently dropping to the lowest position no mater what I do. Its over 10 years old and gets used pretty much every single day, I imagine the hydraulics are shot. Last night, I ended up with a dining room chair at the desk after blurting more profanities that a sailor.
By the time I did the bills, checked my email, chatted with a friend online. My ass HURT cause that chair is not *that* comfortable to sit in. I put the chair back in the dining room and went to bed. Where I proceeded to lay awake until after 3am. (thank you insomnia, you whore).

April Fools day continued at 600 am when Julia came down from her room crying and I placed her on the sofa with a pillow in her usual spot (don't ask) I decided to wait before getting in the shower so that she could fall back to sleep. My bitch ass cat ruined that when he scaled the entertainment center, knock pictures over so that he could look out THAT window. Instead of the other 4 he has access to. When I went flying into the living room to see what happened, Julia looked at me from the sofa and said "Mommy kitcat on window." And I *knew* where that furry bastard was at. Once I took care of that shit, it was shower time and Julia did not go back to bed until I left for work.

I have made it to lunch with out any further incidents. But the day is young and I have barely had 3 hours of sleep. We will see what happens.

As a reward for reading this: I promise to post some pics, love this church is returning (finally), and I have a strange sighting from a couple weeks ago.

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