Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Sad Day In Pittsburgh

I wore all black today.

I tried to avoid it. I wanted this to be generally light hearted ranting place, but this is just too upsetting and I need to put it out there, especially when I know this could have happened to my sister's boyfriend of 5 years. He partnered with Officer Sciullo when they worked together.

As more information comes out about what happened that awful Saturday morning, I am more disturbed by it all.

Gun guide goes to 911 operators in wake of shootings

"[The call-taker] didn't process the answer she received correctly," said Tom McDonough, the 911 operations manager.

It is not known what the call-taker meant when she noted "no weapons" -- whether she was referring to the dispute itself or to weapons in the house

Yes, I understand the 911 operator made a terrible error. But I really think the Mother of the asshole who killed police for no reason should also go to jail.

As it turned out, Officers Sciullo and Mayhle needed the information. Investigators said Mr. Poplawski later told them that his mother saw him strap on a bulletproof vest and gather his firearms, including the AK-47.

The two officers arrived within 10 minutes of the 911 call, and Mrs. Poplawski opened the door and let them in, the complaint said. The officers made it about 10 feet into the home, then Mrs. Poplawski said she heard gunshots.

She let them in and didn't tell them he put a bullet proof vest and had gathered his guns? If they got 10 feet into the house, where was she that she only "heard" the shots?

Mr. Poplawski described Officer Mayhle's attempts to fight back against the onslaught as "brave," police said.

Mr. Poplawski also told investigators that he fired more shots into both officers after they were down. Officer Sciullo's body was "riddled" with bullets, police said.

That last line makes my stomach turn.
And of course another article in the PG says he wants to write a book and that is why he surrendered. God help me, I hope he never gets that chance. He took fathers away from children, brother and sons from family. For no reason at all. I feel he has forfeited his own life. He doesn't deserve it.

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  1. I think the 911 operator certainly made a mistake, but the blame for the whole thing needs spread far beyond her. The mother, for one, holds far more responsibility.