Saturday, April 4, 2009


First... I saw the retardedness in the blog from uploading the pics from my phone directly to blogger. I fixed both and re-posted the pics below...

I guess the controversy was just enough to get them to do someting right for a change...

UPMC joins health network for military
UPMC said it is formalizing "the existing practice of treating military
personnel and their families throughout its system" who are insured through the
Tricare Network, which is administered in the north region of the country by
Health Net Federal Services LLC.

Let me translate that for you: "We got tired of the bad press and for once decided not to act like a bunch of assholes who ruined the USX tower in the name of corporate greed." (No, I am not bitter about the letters on usx at ALL)

See. Sometimes you can shame a company into doing the right thing. :-)

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