Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey you! Shut up!!

From my favorite news site MSNBC, Here is a story about a cranky bastard who lives next to an Elementary school:

Police ticket noisy elementary school

SAN ANTONIO - A fed-up Texas homeowner has gotten a noise citation issued against his neighbor — an elementary school.
According to a police report, Armstrong told an officer that "police, fire, ambulances and the (Air Force) training jets are not unreasonable, but the noise coming from the elementary school was."

You knew it was a school, why did you move next to it?? And if it is SO Horrible to hear kids playing... then MOVE. I am sure there are families who would love to live next to a school. This guy sounds like a cranky old man. God help you if the ball goes in his yard. You are NEVER getting it back.

And here is a story about a Judge who made someone shut up... just so we keep with the theme here:

Judge orders defendant's mouth taped shut

POCATELLO, Idaho - An eastern Idaho judge who lost patience with the disruptive
behavior of a defendant ordered court officials to tape the man's mouth shut
with duct tape during a court hearing.

During Monday's hearing, Frasure interrupted the proceedings with repeated verbal outbursts and unusual behavior and ignored several orders from McDermott to restrain himself. After another series of outbursts, McDermott told bailiffs to silence Frasure. The bailiffs then found a roll of duct tape, tore off a piece and put it over Frasure's mouth, according to the Idaho State Journal. "He's obviously not mentally competent," Frasure's lawyer Kent Reynolds told the judge.

Earlier in the hearing, Reynolds had asked the judge to order a mental competency evaluation for Frasure.

The lesson here? In Idaho, if you don't shut it, they will shut it for you. Maybe this guy should have his own Judge Show on Tv....

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