Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Wacky World of Sports

It's the start of the NFL Draft. Evey year I shake my head at the money unproven players get in the draft.

From MSNBC (my favoritest)
Georgia QB, Lions strike deal

Stafford and the Lions agreed on a six-year contract, agent Tom Condon told The Associated Press on Friday night. Condon and Ben Dogra, who also represents Stafford, negotiated the deal with $41.7 million in guarantees and a maximum value of $78 million

Yeah, he started in GA for 3 years, but honestly guys, college football is not the NFL. If Detroit puts too much pressure on this kid, he could just crack under it. Most rookie quarterbacks suck their first year of actually playing. There are a few exception to that though. Detroit has sucked the big one the last 8 years. They are NOT known for their quarterback development.

Detroit hasn’t had a quarterback play in the Pro Bowl since Greg Landry in 1971. Long-term stability at the position has been elusive since Bobby Layne starred for them in the 1950s.
The Lions’ lack of star power at QB is a major reason why the franchise has only one playoff victory since winning the 1957 NFL title.

But the Lions can’t afford to draft another bust as they did with quarterback Joey Harrington, who they took No. 3 overall in 2002. Harrington was traded after four lackluster seasons to Miami for a fifth-round pick. The Dolphins later cut him, Atlanta added him and got rid of him and he is now a third-stringer in New Orleans.
So, their last quarterback drafted, they broke him. So, here is a new quarterback with a lot of money and pressure thrown at him. I hope for Detroit's sake, they don't break this one too.

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