Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ode to Idiots who fall for these hoaxes

In keeping with the April Fools theme here:
I hate stupid people. We all know that based on how I make fun of their stupidness.(yes I invented that word. I am allowed, its my blog.) Here are some stories and links to help you be less of a stupid person. Cause I hate getting these bogus warnings about gang violence at Wal-Mart stores in my email and on my damn phone.

The joke's on you: Beware of Internet hoaxes

Read it. Or I'll send a pigeon after you by telling them you are a giant loaf of stale bread.

If you have a question about a "warning" you got in and email or text, for goodness sake... CHECK IT first. You can do that here:
and here:
and here:

Advice from the MSNBC article:

These sites are simple to use and you can find out if the message is true or false in just seconds. Most have in-depth articles that explain the background of the myth. Please do this as a courtesy to everyone in your address book. If it’s not true you don’t want to forward it. (And look stupid- my words) Note: Some of these hoax e-mails now say the sender verified the information with Snopes. Don’t believe it. Check yourself. Trust no one. Verify.

P.S. As God as my witness, if I get ONE more "inspirational" email that ends with something along the line of : "send this to 1200 of your friends or your going to hell, you Satan worshiping bastard!" I am going to find that person and break a commandment. Damnit.

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