Thursday, April 23, 2009

What? Are you sure? Pirates what?

NL Central W/L
St. Louis 10-5
Pittsburgh 9-6
Chi. Cubs 8-5
Cincinnati 8-6
Houston 6-9
Milwaukee 5-9

That's right boys and girl. At this moment in time, Pirates are in second place

Ok, I am sure writing about it will jinx it, but i am doing it anyway. To prevent the jinx, I am still gonna make fun of them ok?

From the PG:
LaRoche's four hits bring 7-4 victory, thorough sweep of Florida

"This is fun."
Those three words from veteran reliever John Grabow, perhaps better than any summaries or statistics, illustrate why the Pirates seemed to appreciate so genuinely their 7-4 victory against Florida yesterday at PNC Park, one that brought a three-game sweep.

Really? Are you sure its "fun?" Are you allowed to have "fun" and win at the same time? Cause last time I checked losing pretty much sucked, but Pirates have been losing for like 16 years. So, I bet it is FUN to WIN more games than you LOSE.

It was not so much that the Marlins had come to Pittsburgh with an 11-1 record, best in Major League Baseball, and left town thoroughly defeated.

It was not even that the Pirates had raised their record to 9-6, their first time at three games above .500 since winning the first three of 2007, the latest in any season they have been at this level since May 3, 2002, when they were 15-12, and the best start since 10-5 that same year.

The fact is, that is such a pathetic stat to be so f&%$ing happy about. That just reminds us all of how BAD they have been for so damn long.

"We're for real, man, and we believe," Morgan said. "You know that, right? We're the truth."

Do me a big favor- You are only 3 games over .500, leave the "we're the truth" shit outta this until at least you have a REAL shot at a post season. THEN you can be all "we're the truth." Cause if you start sucking again, Jane Pitt and I are probably gonna have to kick your ass for that comment.

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