Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Proof Idiots are *everywhere*

I saw this story and just HAD to comment. I would have posted my comment on twitter... alas I can't squeeze all my wit and sarcasm in to 140 characters.

From KDKA online :
Is Social Networking Spreading Misinformation?

Kenneth Pickett is 38; manages a store in Wicker Park, and gets much of his news from social networking sites.
On sites like Twitter, 140 character messages deliver the latest news and opinions in shorthand to users hanging on every word.

"When I read it and I look at the news, I already know about it because I Twittered," said Chicagoan Susan Alvarez.

Alvarez says her main source of information is Twitter and she believes what she reads on it.

If you get ALL your news from Twitter... In the words of Red Foreman: Your a dumb ass.
If that offends you and then you don't have to follow me.
I want to get Susan Alvarez to become one of my followers and then twitter that the world is flat, the British are coming, and zombies are real. Just to see if she believes me. Twitter makes me go look at the news sites like MSNBC and such. Twitter should never be considered news gospel.

Remember, pic's can be fakes, twitters can be lies. And stop being so damn STUPID.

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  1. Amen!! Twitter I don't need no stinking twitter. If I want real or imaginative News, I watch TV. I don't take the news as gospel, because of the slant of the media. Did you know that there was a survey that 54% of the news about "The Messiah" (President Obma) was in the positive. That is more than Bill Clinton and George W Bush. Another survey (CBS-we make up news) of Blacks gave a 96% approval with 0% disapproval, tell me those questions weren't slanted