Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sports Odds n Ends

First up:
CONGRATULATIONS to the Pens for sending the Flyers home.

I am glad to see them cry on their way back to Philly... Especially after last year's playoffs when they accused us of throwing the end of the season to avoid playing them.

Also, welcome Dan Bylsma as the New (for real) Head Coach. Congrats to you as well. :-)

Second up:

Pirates? Who? What record?
They are 11-8 and still in second place, what a shocker. However, they have to play the Brewers 2 more times. If they drop those games in as horrible a fashion as the first (10-5), they will be dangerously close to .500. Honestly, I would really like to see the Pirates have a winning record, even if they miss the playoffs. We don't want to continue the Pittsburgh version of the Detroit Lions here. SRSLY.

Third up:

I am a huge Steeler Fan, but I will not discuss draft pics here. I'll leave that to the guys over at Blitzburgh Blog. Personally, until preseason starts I don't pay a lot of attention. Too much changes, injuries and roster cuts to be considered. I just don't have time blog about it.

I have a wicked cold (no it's not pig flu) so there may be a lull in posts.

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